august 29, 2019 

Healing after Hate

Over the years, mass shootings and hate crimes have been on the rise in the U.S. As a survivor of one of the deadliest race-based hate crimes committed by an affiliated white supremacist, Pardeep will share his personal journey and the communal impact that violence has had on our collective psyche and the increased importance to address all violence from a holistic public health framework. 

Pardeep Kaleka, co-Founder of Serve2Unite, Published Author of “The Gifts of Our Wounds,” Award-winning Community Relations Journalist and Trauma Therapist. A native of Punjab, India, Pardeep Singh Kaleka grew up in Milwaukee, WI. Formerly a Police Officer and Educator, and currently as a Peace Activist/Consultant, Pardeep collaborates with government and non-government stakeholders to create policy and procedures to combat the rise of hate in the US. 

Both in his practice and out, Pardeep's passion remains one of healing and transformation.  

An example of this is Serve2Unite, an organization he co-founded in response to tragedy which engages communities in building healthy social fabric and communal identity to address conflict from a trauma-informed mental health approach. Over the past 7 years, the work of Serve2Unite has been locally and internationally recognized as the recipient of The Search for Common Ground Award, Citizen Diplomat Award, The Guru Nanak Award, and The Parliament of World Religions for the work of building safe, inclusive communities and schools. Contributions can be found or